Designer Hall of Fame

There are many great designers out there, and especially in the lore from the golden age, but I'm not to familiar with them. I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the great designers for engineering skill and knowledge, business integrity, and ultimatley quality of their products. My short list a "hall of fame" if you will of designers working today are:

Nelson Pass, Pass Labs
Charles Hansen, Ayre
Roger Modjeski, Music Reference
Ken Stevens, Convergent Audio Technolgy (CAT)
Kevin Hayes, VAC

and how could I leave Jeff Rowland off? Well it is a short list. Who would you nominate?
without Ed Meitner we would probably still be listening to records because digital would be horrible! He was a brilliant man.
Please no ridicule(but if you must,go ahead). Although I am not a fan, I believe Amar Bose is one.....Yes I said it....
There seem to be many, many folks that we admire and have made contributions to the art/science of audio. But since the Hall does not exist (yet), try to think of it as having to select 5 for the inaugural inductees - truly the best of the best. Who belongs into the top 5 of conetmprary folks, and the top 5 of those who have unfortunately passed on per were critical when the audio business started (A Veterans Commitee vote if you will). So if you pick someone, would you really place them in the top 5? There are obviously many that would be included for future consideration. They really should do this in the real world at RMAF, that would be a very fun gathering, and a nice way to honor those that have contributed to the hobby.