Desire to try tubes

So I am new to this have no audio contacts, and low budget it seems based on reading forum. I inherited my brothers Heresy I’s (and LP /CD collection) two years ago and started my journey. First bought a Rega P3 and Rega Fono stage running with existing 20 yo Denon 5.1. Then upgraded the Hereseys from Crites with crossovers and new tweeters (46 yo units). Months later after research and savings bought Stellar GCD and Stellar S 300 amp along with Syzygy SLF 870 sub from Underwoodwally. Nice! Next Marantz 6006 CD as transport and Underwood Emerald Physics and Core Power gold power cords and speaker cables. As able Audio Quest entry connects for all. Each move improved sound. Added a Bluesound node 2i as well only listening to Pandora though. I have no reference to options as I’ve only owned Hereseys and never heard a tube amp in a home and am very curious if a tube pre-amp would be a big plus? If I tried one could muster up to 5k. Just looking for the best sound quality I can afford.
Room is 14.6 x 14.10 x sloped ceiling 8-13’ with 5’ flat section at 13.
I just auditioned the $400. Reising model 100 amp that has gotten good reviews. Just not enough power even for 90 db speaker's. You need horns like a pair of Klipsch M600s. 
That said, I was so impressed with the sound and build quality, I ordered another well reviewed integrated tube amp on Amazon. The Muzishare x7 with four KT88s and 45 watts output. That should do it. There are several of these amp that are basically similar in configuration and have remotes. The X7, the Willsenton and one from a Canadian guy at Musical Paradise (55 watts). All in the $1300 range. 
In between are several amp at 40 watts that have four EL34 tubes and no remote for about $700. At the beginning of the virus house arrest, I swore that I wouldn't go tubes again but they keep dragging me back in. Nothing like it. 
Only down side is no sub out so you would have to wire any subs on the high output terminals. Lots of wires. 
Just bought a Muzishare X7 from Amazon. So far so good. Impressive quality, finish, and sound for $1300. 30 day return. Also in this price range of 45-55 watt amps from China are the Willsenton R8 and in Canada, Musical Paradise markets several amps designed there and made in China. good reviews on all of these products. Something reasonably priced if you want to get your feet wet with tubes. The Muzishare uses KT88 and 6550. The R8 allows Kt88 and EL34 and the Musical Paridiese uses 150 output tubes for more power at 55 watts per channel. All these have remotes and the Muzishare has a phono input which I don't think the R8 has.

Check out the Decware CSP3.  It is an excellent pre amp.  It has gain adjustment for the input and output tubes allowing something Decware calls gain-riding.  It changes the character (tubiness) without having to have a lot of tubes.  I had one and really enjoyed it.  It allowed me to find the type of tube sound I prefer.  I does respond well to tube upgrades.  If I remember they come with lifetime warranty.  There is a waitlist that is usually a few months.  I would order the base model, it has a 30 day return, if you really like it sell it and get a tricked out one.

Used CSP3's re in high demand and reselling will be easy.  Check out the Decware Forum Classified site

Decware has a cult following.