Desktop DAC/Amp


I am looking for an all-in-one DAC/amplifier to power a pair of MartinLogan Motion 4is in my home off (they're going on my desk).

I've been "out of it" for quite some time and nothing is coming to mind.  Appreciate suggestions. Budget, say, $2K max.
The Bel Canto C5i is a solid all-around performer with a small footprint.  
Many good suggestions have been offered. The PS Audio Sprout retails at $700. 
I use the Blusound Powernode with a 2nd (bedroom) system. Gives you an amp, DAC and streamer in one small box. Sounds very nice with KEF speakers.
I went with a Technics SU-G700.

We heard a system with this amp, playing MQA files, at Axpona a few years ago, and were blown away.

Paired with Martin Logan speakers, we'll see what happens!