desktop speakers for low watt tube integrate

Own Scansonic-Mb2.5 in my main system, looking for desktop speakers for Computer setup, will be using with either SET integrate or single end KT88/34, budget USD1k, DAC will be from Audio-gd_Dac-19.
I'd likely go with Omega, Blumenthal, or Tekton small desktop speakers, single driver, coherent sound...for half your budget. Long break-in, but then magical near-field. Best, Rob
I think you would like a pair of ProAc 1sc's. You shouldn't have any trouble powering them with lower power tube amps.
The Reference 3A MM de Capo BE monitors would be a good choice & are very efficient at 92db/8 ohms. If space was particularly tight, the smaller Dulcet BE model could be the ticket; though note they are less efficient at 88db/6 ohm.
I would not be too concerned about efficiency if you are sitting that close to them, unless you tend to listen at very loud levels. Dulcet BE or KEF LS50 would be a safe bet for nearfield, and both are fairly small.