Detaching Guarneri Homage columns from marble base

I need to pack my Guarneri Homage and run into a problem.

The speakers come in 3 boxes:

One for the speakers themselves.

One for the marble stands.

One for the columns.

I have all 3 original boxes.

Here's the problem: I loosened and removed the 3 bolts at the bottom of the marble base hoping it would loosen the column, but I can't find an easy, low-force way, to pry the column free from the stand.

Is there a trick to detaching the base from the column. I don't want to apply unnecessary force, but it feels like they are glued together - which is a problem because unless I take them apart I can't fit them in the boxes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - there are no instructions in the manuals on how to do so.

I would try standing on the bases with your feet having the column between your legs and gently roll your thigh into the the column. If the bond can be broken this should provide the lowest impact way of separating the two. I'm guessing the finish on the column has "bonded" to the marble base. Calling Sonus Faber may be your best bet though. Good luck.
As1963, that's a very strange problem. I agree with Jlind, you should contact SF for there thoughts on this. Please post as to their suggestions.
One thought I had was to use a rubber mallet and gently strike the columns at the metal area on the bottom of the stands where they contact the marble.
Nonetheless, I would talk to SF ( or maybe Sumiko if you are in the US) first before trying that.
Perhaps the previous owner used some Blu Tak, which can become quite tenacious over time. The preferred method is to "twist" the speakers off the stands rather than pull them up. Good luck.