Devialet for Wilson Audio Sasha 2 Speakers

Does anyone have first-hand experience / suggestions using Devialet with Wilson Audio Speakers?

I have a pair of WA Sasha 2 Speakers in a 20' x 26' Room, with good acoustics; I'm considering the Devialet 200, 220, 250 & 400 Models - all have SAM (DSP) Processing for the Sasha 2.
I heard them with Momentum amps and the combination sounded quite good.  I cannot recall what speakers I heard with the Devialet; the sound was not bad, but, not that engaging either.  I terms of looks, small packaging and flexibility, the Devialet stuff is hard to beat.
I'm also considering the following, within my $10K budget:

McIntosh MA8000  $10K
Jeff Rowland Continuum S2  $9.5K
Pass Labs INT-60  $9K
I heard two devialet amps, did not like them at all. 
The sound was no better than a 100$ pioneer receiver. 
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Devialet for Wilson Audio Sasha 2 Speakers
+1 for the Pass Labs INT-60 "if" it uses bi-polar (bjt) output devices.

As those Sasha speakers need current around 100hz @ 2ohms in conjunction with -40 degrees phase angle and bi-polars are best at doing this, not mosfets, tube or classD

Cheers George