Devore 0/96 and Room Size

I've really enjoyed the 0/96 every time I've heard them and there are a couple of used pairs for sale now. My biggest concern is that my room is 15 feet deep. I believe at least 8 feet is recommended so that the drivers blend and I don't want them closer than 3 or 4 feet from the wall behind, which only leaves 2 or 3 feet behind the listening chair. Would love to hear from owners about their experiences. Thanks.


The room is 15 x 19.5, and the ceiling slopes from 7.5 to 9.5 ft. My intention is to place the speakers along the 19.5 wall at the 7.5 end.

I see. The room is plenty big for sure. Placing the speakers on the shorter 15 foot wall would be best, but it seems the ceiling slope direction is the real issue.


If I were considering dipoles, such as electrostatics, I would definitely try them along the 15 foot wall, but box speakers have generally sounded best along the 19.5 wall. I think that the sloped ceiling creates an amphitheater effect.

Taking the ceiling issue out for a moment, placing the 96s on the 15 foot wall would allow you to have 3-4 feet from the speakers to the side wall and 7-8 feet between the inside of each speaker. You could place them 5-6 feet (from the speaker back) to the wall behind them allowing proper space for these speakers to really open up. You could then dial in your listening distance and still have proper distance to the wall behind your listening position. This would be best with these speakers based on my set up experience.

I agree with your comment on the slope of your ceiling. The slope direction of your ceiling makes the best use of your room dimensions impossible.

Placing them on the long wall means you will have a wall directly behind your listening position ( 1 foot or less ) You should treat that wall with combo absorption/diffusion panels. This could work nicely. The room still works 🙂