Devore 0/96 - Integrated AMP help

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of securing Devore 0/96s with A23 cables.  My source will be an Auralic Vega G2.  I have narrowed my list of integrated amps to some tube and SS (Class A) gear.  I am looking for some help from those that have experienced this speaker and amp combinations.  I am moving from a very transparent system and looking for a little more warmth, musicality, and a system that is more emotionally engaging.

Tube amp potentials:
Leben CS300
Leben CS600
Line Magnetic 845
Maybe a simple SET (Unison Research Simply Italy)

SS Class A potentials:
Pass Labs INT-25
Sugden A21se or Masterclass IA-4

Looking to end my constant desire to make system changes once and for all! LOL

Accuphase E-650 really took me by surprise, I have never liked SS amps before this (except a megabuck integrated - Technical Brain). It has great tonality of a tube, and amazing bass of an SS. It is still breaking in, so will have to wait a few more months before I can say anything with confidence.

I took the risk it because I found a user from this forum who switched from Shindo separates to Accuphase SS for this Devore O96 and claimed that he didn't missed the Shindos at all (BTW Shindo/Devore is a well know synergistic pairing). Then I got an home audition, and then bought it.

My amp is still breaking in, and if it opens up as I suspect it would in the next few months, I think my Nagras might get sold :)

Of course the Accuphase is not as sweet as the Nagra 300p but .... if I decide not to have two amps, I might sell it.
@ everyone, thanks for all the great suggestions!  Leaves me with a lot to look into.

@essrand that is great to hear!  One last question, did you hear the Luxman 380 with Devores or with a different speaker?
Line Magnetic all the way. My 508ia with 845 is the most musical gear I’ve ever heard. First ran Harbeth SHL5 plus and it was magic but too big for the room so I moved to Peak Consult Princess IV Signature and WOW. 

Lots of Line Magnetic recommendations!  I would have suspected more Leben pairings out there with Devores.  Questions to the Line Magnetic owners:
1) Are the big power tubes (845, 300, 805) easy to source?
2) Are decent tube replacements expensive?

The Line Magnetic is one of the cheaper alternatives recommended in this thread for sure but I am curious about longer term ownership with these big power tubes.


It’s interesting that @rs67 felt his Pass edged out the LM805 when my experience was just the opposite - I had the Pass XA30.8 paired with a VAC Ren MKV pre and the LM805 was actually quite a bit better when paired with O/96’s. The only caveat I will add is that I do tend towards jazz much of the time but the bass extension, texture, air, and 3D soundstage was simply much more impressive to me with the LM amp. I do run the LM805 with the VAC pre and found it makes a material improvement versus running the 805 as an integrated. I suspect VAC integrated the volume control much better than LM.

@crandell The LM805 does benefit greatly from replacing all of the stock tubes and it can get a bit pricey depending on your tolerance, but it doesn’t have to. I run a vintage Mullard ECC35, a pair of 60 yr old Tung Sol 6SN7GT round plates, a pair of Psvane ACME 805’s ,and a pair of EML 300b-XLS tubes. Really a stunning presentation of music.

The Leben is a well-known great match with the O/96’s and offers more flexibility because of the tube choices it accepts but you may feel it doesn’t quite comparatively deliver the dynamics and certainly the "SET magic" of the LM805.