Devore 0/96 - Integrated AMP help

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of securing Devore 0/96s with A23 cables.  My source will be an Auralic Vega G2.  I have narrowed my list of integrated amps to some tube and SS (Class A) gear.  I am looking for some help from those that have experienced this speaker and amp combinations.  I am moving from a very transparent system and looking for a little more warmth, musicality, and a system that is more emotionally engaging.

Tube amp potentials:
Leben CS300
Leben CS600
Line Magnetic 845
Maybe a simple SET (Unison Research Simply Italy)

SS Class A potentials:
Pass Labs INT-25
Sugden A21se or Masterclass IA-4

Looking to end my constant desire to make system changes once and for all! LOL
Not pushing, but NAF makes a more affordable amp. Push pull, class A, with KT66 tubes run in triode mode. Might be worth a call to Jeff Catalano to see whether it could fit your budget.

The problem nonetheless is that you won't be able to hear the pairing of the O/96 with NAF amps -- in my case, it was more accidental than planned: I was replacing my equipment with items from Jeff from source onward, starting with the turntable, and stopped when I found the NAF-Devore combo so compelling. 
Not to stray too far off topic but has anyone had the opportunity to compare Devore with Coherent Audio speakers from Canada?
My Devore Nines never sounded better than with the Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear amp (18W), across the entire frequency spectrum. Better than my previous pairings: Almarro A318B (had beaten all comers ’til LTA), Leben CS300xs, Firstwatt F7, Elekit TU-8600 (300b), Line magenetic 211i (el34), Red Wine Audio (hybrid). I have the version in the larger case that has a volume control, but mostly drive it with an eastern electric minimax preamp. Body with articulation, clarity and soundstage, worth a listen!
@roncagg I finally had a chance to look up the Ultralinear amp.  Very interesting indeed with rave reviews.  I will need to consider it as one of the options while I wait for my Devore's.
I would love to check out the LTA amps at some point.  Hearing so many good things about them.