Devore 093 compared to o96

I have the o93, and with my Thoress amps I haven’t heard anything better. But I’m wondering as we do in this hobby.

who has upgraded from the o93 to the o96 and what were your findings?


I'm running mine with Thoress 845 and Thoress ff preamp.


thanks for your info and time.




If you love the sound stay put. Larger bass drive moves more air "however" that may not be a good thing in your room, or any room. 

With that size room you could move to the O/96. Yes, I have heard both and have owned the O/93's for five years. Despite looking so similar they sound quite different. The O/93 is a bit buttoned-up, neutral, and true to the recording. The O/96 has something magical that I describe as "alive". It boogies. It makes the music propulsive and fun. It is not a carnival mirror though. The O/96 is more akin to the great loudspeakers Volti is producing. If you don't find yourself involuntarily tapping your toes to the O/96 you are either dead or there is something very wrong with your system. With either, you owe it to yourself to try the Auditorium 23 speaker cables. If I had your larger sized room my personal preference is for the O/96. Hope this helps. 

Hi, I am using the Auditorium 23 cables and like them very much.


i was thinking the room would be a good fit with the o96, but the o93 is a fine speaker with its own jump factor in my experience.


thanks for the info and your time.