Devore Fidelity Silverback Reference.

I'm now in the final iteration for my system - and thank the pundits in this forum to help me out - i run a 30wpc Class A SS amp which doubles as a 140 Watt per channel class a/b amp - i found this amp after a long and tiring search going through the likes of Naim,Pass Labs,Ayre,Rogue Audio etc.

I am not in the vicinity to try out the devores, and it has to be pretty much a blind buy.

I am very worried, as online reviews can be very misleading - some say, these speakers are tremendously revealing (i listen to a lot of not so cleverly mastered music) plus a lot of modern stuff, and my source is almost always a Mac mini played through Antelope Zodiac DAC, with occasional vinyl here and there, other say that it's 'an open window' to music - since i have no way of going back? can you guys advice or share with me your opinion if you are a silverback owner? my amp has a single tube manifest with geranium and bipolar transistor (more of a solid state amp).

My Current speakers were a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum (which i got rid of last week) i found them bright, a bit unrefined and a bit musically showy, with a lot of listening fatigue, on of the worst speaker i have owned, i also owned Harbeth SLH5 (which was ok, but not great)

I loved my amp with Kharma DB9 (which it drove fantastically well) unfortunately i can't afford this or the DB7 though now i hear Magico's will be releasing their S3, which is more in by budget, but prefer to have the Silverbacks and pocket the extra cash.

The thing is i do not know what kind of technology devore employs, compared to more larger, technologically superior manufacturers, though
the design might stand the test of time, i do not want the trouble of reselling the devotes, and going through the hassle of buying something else.

Please Help! I play everything form Dizzy Gillespie to Michael Jackson to Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
I bet your Devore -Shindo based system sounds marvelous and very involving( as well as quiet).
Wow, well I suggest you give John Devore a call and perhaps purchase a plane ticket. This to me seems to be the only manner in which your many concerns can be responded to adequately. This is a small company and when I have had questions in the past John has been very accessible which tends to be the case with small companies.
Fjn04, I obviously did direct comparations between the new Orangutan and Silverbacks. They sound totally different and follow different sound ways.
At this point I must admit that you can get the best sound from O/96 with less power than the Silverbacks...

Anyway it's only an opinion. Both products sound amazing ;-D
Hi , I have the updated SB and the update was done at the factory by mr Devore . I think that it clearly was a big change for my room as I was able to get more mid bass and for what people have been saying that they are bright amazes me as they use a silk dome tweeter that is as smooth as any speaker out there. They are on the sweet side I think when comparing them to other speakers . In my eyes they are a classic , great desighn by john as he has proved they don t need a constant update . I think it will be a great purchase ' I use them with shindo gear another classic desighn in the sense Mr Shindo is not sitting at his desk trying to keep up with just making a series one then in 2 years come out with a updated product to call it series 2 and so on . You can t worry about that stuff , shindo equipment has 3 people working at his company and I wouldn't call him a technical operation or spending 1 mill on r&d but I truly believe he probably makes some of the best pre amps in the industry . what we listen to is art and some of the guys out there are artist in my eyes Mr Devore is one of them. If you call john he will tell that he changed out the crossover. Good luck and by the way it's just a guys opinion who has been around the merry go round when it come to stereo gear and as I get older I like sticking with classics .
Some excellent advice above for the OP. I find John to be very helpful, although he is a small operation. My guess is if you tell him what amp/preamp you use, he will give you some insight. I believe he has experience with solid state, and perhaps he can sort it out a bit for you. Certainly listen for yourself though. My guess is O's will sound better in some rooms, with certain amps, for certain tastes. Then of course, the same could hold true for the Silverback's.