Devore Gibbon 3XLs: anyone have these?

I am interested in getting owners' opinion about this new monitor from Devore. How would you describe them sonically? What amplification and cabling are you using with them? How large or small a room are you using them in? Do they need a subwoofer? Finally, what type of music do you think they are best suited for. Thx very much in advance.
Stereophile's Stephen Mejias has 3's:

Cheers, Bill
I do not own the 3XL's but I have heard them several times and they are terrific for such a small monitor. In my reference system I have the DeVore Fidelity Silverbacks and so am very familiar with the sound of John's speakers.

The 3XL's use the same tweeter as is in the Silverbacks and the driver for the mid/bass is newly designed for the 3XL. My impression after hearing them the first time and each time thereafter is that they sound a little more "alive" or "organic" than do the Silverbacks. My impression only, of course, and I wonder if the solid bamboo cabinets have something to do with the sound difference that I perceive.

I use Auditorium 23 ICs and have used Aud 23, Nirvana, and Basis speaker cable with them. All of those speaker cables were excellent albeit different. I will soon be upgrading to Crystal Cable speaker cables.

I consider the 3XL's to be an excellent choice for most types of music except for large scale genres. I mostly listened to them with solo instrumental, solo vocals, small ensemble jazz and classical, and blues, and liked them very much for each.

They are extremely easy to drive. I have heard them both with and without a REL B2 sub and I liked them both ways. If I were to get them I would likely use them in a small to medium room and try them first without a sub.
I think 4Musica's heard them and was quite impressed. Am looking forward to this thread as these are on my list to audition when I have the cash saved up.
I believe I need to weigh back in on my original post so that no one, especially John DeVore, believes that I meant to imply that the 3XLs are better in any way than the Silverbacks, because IMHO they are not. In terms of overall musical presentation and the capacity to reproduce all types of music (at least the ones I care about) with tremendous realism, I have not heard anything I like as much, let alone more, than the Silverbacks until we start to get well north of $30K.

One final comment on the 3XLs - they are the best monitor speaker I have heard at or below their price point.
thanks for the post, 4Musica. Am thinking these would be a perfect study speaker in a small room. Did you use the matching stands?