Devore Gibbon 3XLs: anyone have these?

I am interested in getting owners' opinion about this new monitor from Devore. How would you describe them sonically? What amplification and cabling are you using with them? How large or small a room are you using them in? Do they need a subwoofer? Finally, what type of music do you think they are best suited for. Thx very much in advance.
In addition to the DeVore Gibbon IIIs, I also have a set of Spendor S-20 speakers that are a similar profile - two way design both with 1" tweeters, and the Spendor mid-bass woofers are a little bit larger than the DeVores. The DeVore speakers are ported; the Spendors are completely enclosed. These two sets of speakers have VERY different flavors. The Spendors are "typically" British. They are very smooth, even paced and rather laid back compared to the DeVore speakers. However, IMHO, the DeVore speakers excel this particular model of Spendor monitors in every way. The DeVores "come alive." In addition to being sooth, they are dynamic and excited. The "organic & human" qualities of vocals and instrumentation are very present with the DeVores. The DeVore speakers are more transparent than the S-20 Spendor speakers. That being said, the Spendors are no slouches, but they have a very distinct sound. I would gather that anyone whose spent time with this type of British speaker would know exactly what I mean. Good luck!
If you are comparing the p3esr with the devore 3xl you are comparing apples and oranges. The devore is in another league....more comparable to the compact 7 or the shl5, both of which are front ported. Just an FYI.
The most recent Stereophile includes the updated "recommended components" section and, if I read / remember correctly, the 3XL is listed as Class A, Restricted LFE, right between the Silverback and the Dynaudio C1. Nice company, indeed.

If the 3xl is comparable to the bigger Harbeths, maybe we comparing the 3xl and P3ESR is more like comparing tangerines to oranges?
I heard these at Goodwin's outside Boston, driven by ARC tube integrated and sourced by Nagra CD and dynavector/nagra vinyl. They were in a long wall setup in a medium to large room, not too far from the front wall, maybe two feet. I was perhaps two feet from the back wall. This setup worked very well.

I listened to Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall, Christy Moore Live at the Point, and Patricia Barber Modern Cool. this type of music seemed ideal for the speakers. Their sound was detailed and involving, with really good imaging, but I had the feeling that these would not be happy unless paired with tubes or warm electronics, similar to the original 3's, which I have in my bedroom setup. The 3XLs are bigger, and have somewhat deeper bass.

Very nice speakers, worth a trip to hear them. I was primarily interested in hearing the Magicos, but these exceeded expectations.