Devore Nines vs. 0/93's

I have the Nines, with ARC, Shindo, and Line Magnetic amps. I am considering going to the 0/93's. Has anyone compared these? Any made the switch?
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From spending 30 minutes or so with both speakers I found Nines to be better at lower frequencies compared to O/93, you will feel it immediately. I felt O/93 just a bit more resolving at other frequencies or fuller sounding probably due to its presentation.  

Hi dgarger,

In case it helps: You will find a lot of my own reports and descriptions listening to the Devore speakers (especially the 0/93s that I was considering) in this thread:

I also listened to the Devore Gibbon X, mentioned in the same thread.
Haven't heard the 9's though.
What reason for the move?  Other than the O-series is more geared to lower-powered tubes.
Remember too that there is now a Super Nine, with incredible bass for the size, but a presentation, when loud, that tends to smoosh everything together.