Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver

I'm on the hunt for a sensitive speakers to play really nicely with my Quicksilver Mono 60 amps. I've heard some nice Spatial X3's here in Denver thanks to a local audiophile. I was especially taken by their AMT tweeters.

If you're in the Denver area and have Devore, Audio Note, Zu, Tekton, or any other speaker which has really worked well for your tube amps, please DM me. I would be deeply grateful for even  an hour of listening time. Thank you!


But re-selling is probably harder for all these lesser known brands, eh?

I thought about that before I bought my Bache Audio Tribeca’s. However, I compared the Tribeca’s side by side in my room with speakers that cost slightly more. The Bache’s not only sounded better but they stopped me from buying an even more expensive speaker. 


I heard the Living Voice in my home with an 300b SET amplifier, and they sounded great. Border Patrol ( is the US representative. The only issue is the size of the room. My overall listening space is large, and the LV did not fill it as well as did the Zu Definition 4. The LV sound reminded me of AudioNote speakers that I heard at dealers or at shows. 

I’m in Denver and have some Zu Diety Weekend speakers so Zu but not one of the more expensive offerings.  Should give you the general flavor though.   I run them with Bottlehead 2a3 SET monos.   I’ve also had line magnetic 845 SET and Prima Luna push pull on them and think the current setup sounds right.  Anyways, drop me a message If you want to see the setup.  

@hilde45 ,

Re-sale — I'm really learning how many very good speaker companies there are out there that one would never hear of without a forum. That's a great thing to learn, but if this is not an endgame speaker, how hard or at what cost would re-sale be? A Devore would sell easily; Coherent audio or NSMT? Might take a hit. (Then again, one might not pay as much up front...)

No doubt that recognized established and  larger brands  have an advantage when reselling into the used audio product marketplace. People will buy what they are familiar with and feel more secure with the purchase  as a result.  Tradeoff is generally you pay for this acknowledged higher profile/ prestige  upfront when purchasing new.

On the other hand if the highest priority is maximizing sound quality and value then the lesser know (But high quality) manufacturers become more viable and competitive.  So there is the always present inevitable balancing act.  I tend to take my time when shopping and researching buying options and I keep components for quite a long time.  Thus ultimate sonic performance and value are more pertinent for me than concern over ease of resale and used market value. 


Obviously this is strictly an individual case by case decision and a person has to know themselves and what matters most. But no doubt that there are many very good choices available.