DeVore Orangutan 96 an upgrade over DeVore 9?

Has anyone made this change? I've had the 9s for 4 years with a Shindo amp/preamp and also a Prima Luna integrated and love these speakers. What would I gain with the Orangutan?
Voxshall, If you are motivated to tap you foot and your body is swaying to the beat then the O/96 have a musical pacing, it not they don't. Sounds like you have been able to dial them in - congratulations and enjoy! Regards Jet
Well, I very definitely want to "feel the groove." The Gibbon 9s do this very nicely. I've got plenty of room from the side walls to "dial in" the bass. I would not want to give up boogie factor to get bigger scale and deeper bass, or the sense that the music is independent of the physical speaker box. Actually, I'd like it all, including reasonable sensitivity/high impedence (tube friendly).
That sounds like a nice analogy. But I can tap my foot to a transistor radio if I dig the music.

Just sayin.......

Just goes to show, if you're tapping your foot to the car radio but not to your $10,000 speakers, you've really screwed up.
My system has some of the most boogie factor I have ever heard and I have heard quite a bit, so the O96 can get the toes tapping it is one of there strengths and the things I like most about them. But my Garrard 301 and shindo's certainly help as well with those aspects. Its the density of tone and biggness of sound that is the major upgrade from gibbons. But if you are more into pinpoint images then I would imagine Gibbon X's might be more your thing.