Devore vs Harbeth

Can anyone compare these speakers. Harbeth HL5's or c7 to a Devore super 8 or 9. I know what the Harbeth sounds like, but have never heard Devore and there aren't any dealers close.
From reading reviews they sound like they have the same qualities.
I can't speak to the DeVore's, but I think the notion that Harbeth's need to be driven with a high powered solid state amp is not accurate.

I've driven my Harbeth M-40.1's with the following:

1. Plinius SA-102 (class A SS @ 125 WPC)
2. Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3 (integrated SS @ 275 WPC)
3. McIntosh MC275 MKV (75 WPC tube amp)
4. McIntosh MA2275 (75 WPC tube integrated)

The lower powered tubed Mac gear bested the two solid state setups by large margin. Just my experience, YMMV.
Although, they do not have the same sound quality, they are both good speakers. It all comes down to personal preference. I would buy both if I had the choice.
Both are great speaker brands with one having quite a bit more heritage associated than the other - a newbie. My ownership of the C7 and gibbon 3 have more than concluded my taste of these makes. Harbeth house sound shines in the vocals and natural instruments. Devore house sound is a bit more lively, punchy and at times nasal. Take your pick depends on your type of music, source, listening space, electronics etc. In the end I got rid of both of these brands.