DH Labs power cables

Several months ago I decided to make a final adjustment to my system by upgrading the power cables.  I’d been using Pangea cables.  After upgrading I noticed an immediate improvement in micro details, sound stage and bass control.  Those qualities only improved as the cables burned in.



Pangea AC14 SE->DH Labs Power Plus

-Phono preamp, DAC, CD transport and streamer.


Pangea AC9 SE-> DH Labs Red Wave

-Preamplifier and amplifier



Auralic Aries G1

PS Audio Perfectwave CD transport

Denafrips Hermes and Terminator 2

Technics SL-1600 MK1

Dynavector 10x5 Mk2

Parasound JC3+

Rogue RP7

Pass Labs XA25

Tekton Design Nebos with ultimate upgrade



DH Labs is good stuff. I have their USB cable for my DAC and it is much better than the Amazon stuff. 

I started a thread awhile back about getting some ARC gear. Pretty much put my faith in ghdprentice love of ARC's sound signature.

I ended up with ref5se and ref75se, a steal on an Aurender A15, and modded Klipsch forte III. My XLR's were Monoprice just to get up and running. I was estatic with how it sounded. Months later ordered Air Matrix cyro xlr's. Super stoked to get them installed. Opened the box, and crap, they were RCA's.

Now for a shoutout to Greg at DH. 10 star service. Gave him a call, and he overnighted me my cables. Thank you kindly, Greg!! All I can say is hearing is believing. I.m a believer in decent cabling in this instance . I'm set for now, maybe a separate DAC later.

I just switched most of my AC Power cables over to DH Labs. I bought the cable bulk and put on really good ends and built them myself. Even made them really pretty. 😎


(Pangea is the only cable that I liked cold, out-of-box.  Once it broke in, it sucked!)

I'm a big fan of DH Labs for their availability on Parts Connexion, both the pure silver, balanced interconnects and their fully shielded power cables.