DH Labs Q10 cable need advise on new connectors???

Since I am on a budget I purchase a set of suprisingly good "used" Dh Labs Q10 bi wired cables however they came with Z plugs for the amp end and spades for the speaker end since I got a good deal on them I took the bite and made the purchase. I have a set of VSA Vr2's speakers, the spade are super large and even though I could connect them to the back of my speaker their a PITA :scratch: the z plugs banana work well attaching them to the amp end side and quite easy, nice and sturdy/tight the speaker side is a tad bit loose and I have to apply alot of pressure to make good contact.

Ok here is my dilema, the spade are super large also they look like cheap quality gold plated crap the banana ends are ok. Yeah yeah I know what most of are you probably are thinking "you purchase used cables so dont complain" well, I am not I am just looking for a better connector for the spade end side and possibly replace the banana side end with a better quality connector. I like the banana and rca type of plugs, easier to remove etc. Considering going the DIY route for this or just making a good purchase on the connectors and having my audio shop finish the job for me. What connectors are the best for my cable needs (besides spades which I dont like) newbie~ like the KISS principle. I've heard of Cardas Rhodium/Silver connectors are fairly good but I personally dont know. Thanks to all in advance for the help ~! :thumb: I need something that matches the cables well and my needs.
Go bare wire! Nothing wrong with it.. Probably a better connection than what you will buy..Can get any cheaper either.. Just strip the wire and go! You can also solder the end tip as some do.. I have actually tried bypassing the speaker binding posts and wire the speaker cables directly to internal speaker wires...Tha works too....
If you look closely, you will notice that these locking bananas look like they come from the same supplier that DH Labs uses. I have several pairs of these around for play time and backup. While they aren't WBTs, they are quite well made and inexpensive.
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