DH Labs Revelations or other options??

I am in market for a pair of IC's.

My source is a modded TRL Sony 900 SACD/CD player.
My preamp/amp is a TRL modified Musical Fidelity A300.
Speakers are ACI Jaguars with ACI Titan sub.

Use speaker biwire setup of DH Labs T14 silversonic and Q10 wire.
Presently use RS Audio solid silver IC's which go from TRL Sony 900 to MF A300.

I am getting a Redwine Audio modifed Squeezebox 3 so I need another pair of IC's.

Thought I would get some used or new in the 100-$250 range and be able to try them on both the Squeezebox 3 and the TRL Sony 900 for fun and see if soemthing sounds better than what I am using.

Am looking at a pair of used DH Labs Revelations.
ANy comments on these?

I could always get another pair of RS Audio silver IC's for around $100. Can't complain. System is pretty decent and is presently very neutral and balanced with good depth, soundstage, air, etc.
I can't say there is any obvious glaring weakness to my ears.
Not really looking to use cables as tone controls in any way-I like transparency and extension.

Thanks for any comments or any other suggestions in this price range.
I had and liked the RS Silver IC's and also tried and liked the Audio Art IC-3 which I feel are better than the RS Audios, especially the bass and mids. Id also recommend the IC-3's at their price..they are excellent..which BTW is DH labs designed cable.
Thanks guys.
Will check out the Audio Art IC-3's.
So Darren Hovsepian designed them? How did that come about?

I might agree that the RS Audio silvers might be a tad lean.

Either of you guys heard the Dh Labs Revelation?
i got the audio art ic 3s and put a set of tara lab air in the closet,this cable is no joke,made my system open up