Diana Krall

I was in Fort Lauderdale last Thursday and saw/heard Diana Krall.  Second time, first was in Wilkes Barre PA after Wallflower cd, this one after her recent one.  Two quite different concerts, both outstanding.  This one was "jazzy", an upright bass, a drummer, guitarist, fiddle/violinist (and a pianist/vocalist).  5 great musicians on the stage, and a wonderful singer.  She is wonderful live.  Highly recommended, as equipment reviewers often say.  Worth the price of admission.  
I'll get the the point; don't like here-never did.  Her voice is at best above average and totally un-original and not worth the time listening to her.
DK is harmonically flat, even by Jazz standards that have no interesting harmonies.  (I am using harmony in the musical sense of Chords.) -  score 0/10.  Melodically I find her uninteresting - maybe 4/10.    Rhythm: nothing sophisticated 1/10.  All in all a bore.  Voice is excellent - at least 7/10. 
Malcolm Steward writing for Hi-Fi Choice gave her a great roasting.  One of his comments was along the lines (I will try to quote from memory):  "... and don't get me started on her sub-Liberace piano tinkling."  !!  Her backing 'band' have all the enthusiasm of men heading off to have vasectomies from a blind surgeon with Parkinson's. 
Love Scenes on cassette through my Nak 1000ZXL is one of the very best sounding recordings I have.  It sounds like master tape~
One song: her cover of Joni’s Black Crow, convinced me there was possibly more there than I had previously been hearing. I’ll continue to investigate. 
Put me in the camp of "I don't get it". I don't understand why audiophiles are fascinated with her. I don't think she has a good classic voice. She just kind of - talks. But to each his own. Not my type of music either, except maybe as background music at a nice restaurant, but that's beside the point. I can appreciate great artists in unfavored genres, like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. I just don't see it here. But then again, I don't get the audiophile fascination with screamers like Aretha Franklin or foggy vocals by Norah Jones either.