Diana Krall New CD

Has anyone had a chance to listen to Diana Krall new cd? If so what did you think of it and how does it compare to her past releases. I heard her new CD has a more of bassa nova beat to it.
She sure does have many a-picture of herself in the liner notes and back cover.

She should open every song with the traditional singers warm up of 'me,me,me,me,me.'
I would like to recommend the latest issue of Downbeat magazine to all you Krall fans. She is interviewed and talks about her latest CD. How it all came about etc. You might find it interesting. Great picture of her on the cover too. Regards.
I listened briefly at a store on headphones. Sounded like more reverb and more distance. Seems to have shifted from a wonderfully full and intimate sound to a more commercial one. Previous cd's sounded like she was singing in your home and only for you. Why can't they leave well enough alone?
I agree about it being distant and all, but it should be with full orchestra playing in the background. Come on, it ain't that bad. Just look at the cover and in-leaf pictures and it will get better. I promise.