Diana Krall Survey

A friend of mine is working the new Diana Krall release (first download track and cover art available tomorrow) for Verve Records. I mentioned that Audiogon has some devoted DK fans and he said he'd love to get any feedback that anyone might provide. So any comments (music, artwork, etc.) are appreciated.


I respectfully disagree. To begin with, I don't care what her educational credentials are. We all know that there are talented musicians who create music that has no soul, while some of the greatest are self-taught.
I also do not believe that I need to be an amateur or professional musician to have the right to praise or criticize. Her education does not place her in a position where she earns protection from criticism. Just as creating music is an art, so is the appreciation of music.
People who love music spend their lives conciously and subconciously honing their ability to recognize great talent when they hear it, as well being able to appreciate modest talent well expressed.
I will certainly concede that tastes are subjective, but objectively speaking, I do not believe that Diana Krall is in the top echelon of technical ability in terms of her vocal instrument, or her piano playing.
I think the backlash is due partly to the overexposure of her music. Since the late 90's she has been the queen/king of audio demonstrations. When I hear "Peel Me A Grape" it transcends me to an audio showroom!
Roxy54 - fair comment but let me ask you the following - assuming you do not play the piano, on what do you base your opinion as to her technical ability? To draw an analogy, isn't it the same as someone who has never owned hifi equipment going on to your system page and rubbishing it?

I have seen her play live - how many who have posted can say the same? And she gave a wonderful concert. Everyone was completely engaged from the moment she started playing the piano.
She is a class act. Her work seems to focus largely on 'standards' and she does these well. Check out the Live in Paris recording or DVD. I have seen her perform in a relatively small room (under 2000 people), and even with a hand injury, she can play. A number of her recordings were mixed by Al Schmitt, who is legendary.