Diana Krall Survey

A friend of mine is working the new Diana Krall release (first download track and cover art available tomorrow) for Verve Records. I mentioned that Audiogon has some devoted DK fans and he said he'd love to get any feedback that anyone might provide. So any comments (music, artwork, etc.) are appreciated.


First off, thanks all for your comments.

I saw my friend Mike (from Verve Records) yesterday and passed on the gist of the (useful) commentary, which seemed to be - "keep it simple, lose the strings". I didn't offer up the "She's a hack" side of the commentary, simply becaause - right or wrong - it's not really useful to him.

If anyone has further comments on the sexier look or retro musical feel of the new release, please post, I'm sure that he'd be all ears.

Again, thanks to all who have taken the time to post.

Of course she deserves respect, and apparently she gives pleasure to a lot of fans, but the number of records she sells, like her educational background, is irrelevant to her artisic merit.
I agree with Tomcy6 - keep on with the trio. Clayton is superb. Maybe with some lesser known standards - something more edgy.
The music business, and the entertainment business in general is more visual and beauty oriented than it was years ago. Her album art suggests that she trades on her looks. I am sure that is part of the reason for her success. She is not alone in this. Pop music is totally like this and it is even beginning to creep into classical music. Esp among female solo artists. A lot of mega talented stars from the past would not have a chance of breaking into the music today. Not trashing Miss Krall, she is just a product of the times. And I am sure she makes a good living, so all is well.
"Her piano playing is her week(?) point." ... good grief, where do these comments come from?