Dick's / Dave's picks

Anyone else into this series of Grateful Dead recordings?
If so, please list your fave (s) or collection.
I didn't subscribe this year because I found the Dave's Picks from prior years to be poorly mastered.  If you compare them to older Dick's Picks it is a big difference.  If someone noticed an improvement in 2017 CDs I'd love to hear that they are doing a better job.

I always take Dave's picks as reference when price my inventory and always ignore it on my personal tastes that are absolutely opposite. I haven't liked single album that Dave picks.

when you read title underlined letter 'p' seems like letter 'D' in the word picks :-)
I am a fan of the Plangent Process as well. I do not know how long the heads (no pun) at GD have been utilizing it?

Happy Listening!
I have bootlegs that sound better than the Dave's Picks which which showed that they did not go through Plangent process.  They are all murky and I also notice that there is often very annoying distortion on certain frequencies, especially on Jerry solos.  That was at least apparent on the last one from last year that I got.