Dick's / Dave's picks

Anyone else into this series of Grateful Dead recordings?
If so, please list your fave (s) or collection.
when you read title underlined letter 'p' seems like letter 'D' in the word picks :-)
I am a fan of the Plangent Process as well. I do not know how long the heads (no pun) at GD have been utilizing it?

Happy Listening!
I have bootlegs that sound better than the Dave's Picks which which showed that they did not go through Plangent process.  They are all murky and I also notice that there is often very annoying distortion on certain frequencies, especially on Jerry solos.  That was at least apparent on the last one from last year that I got.
I agree about DP 21. Killer first set. All the 'little songs' and/or 'standards' all have something special to them. Even Keith is on ;) ...
'73 is one of my favorite years. I noticed many years ago that I like the year before a 'big year', so '71, '73 and some '76 (late). I guess the same goes for '89. 

I don't mind Jeffrey's work on the mixes. yes, they are different than what we were 'used to' but they are now a 'modern' sound... But sounds like I gotta get back in "the scene" to my old bros and get some of Charlie Millers newer remaster work...