Dickie Betts died earlier today at 80 years of age

I just read where Forest Richard Betts passed away earlier today. Although the article didn’t indicate the cause of death, however at 80 it may have just been natural causes. As we grow older, we are watching the building blocks of the music we have grown up with, fade away. Thankfully we have their recordings and will never really lose them. But Dickie’s contributions will always be treasures and it seems an appropriate time to give a listen to Blue Sky. I wanted to attach the link but it wouldn’t take for some reason. So long to the Midnight Rider.


Betts was battling cancer and suffered chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Reports indicate he was comfortable and not suffering during these times. I am a huge Allmans fan; saw them many times. I was at the original Fillmore East concerts 2 of the nights, so when listening, I am sure you might hear me scream during the song intervals. RIP Dickey and condolences to his family and friends. To the op, I agree. MrD.

I think I wore out my Eat A Peach cassette and replaced it with a half speed master.  Funny how we look back at our youth and realize what a great soundtrack we have to accompany it. Jbuhl, that line always stuck in my head as well, so even though a bike isn’t a back seat of a greyhound, hopefully you felt re-born!

……the sound of the Allman Brothers is ….was so distinct. I saw the Allman Brothers upwards of 50 times . I did not see them with Duane which I wish I had . The ABB were never the same without Dickie and even though Derek Trucks is a great guitarist and replaced Dickie ……he just didn’t have same chops as Dickie . Love the Allman Brothers as you will note from my threads here , this is a sad day for any fan. I spend a couple of the winter months here in Sarasota and I am here today when I got the news . I have not seen him here but people have told that they used to see him around and sometimes he would play at the local bars . All the best Dickie and thank you , thank you for all of the memories that you have given me over the past almost 50 years . He was a really good musician and guitar player aside from his demons …. Rest In Peace