Did a satisfaction threshold exist under 1000 bucks ?

Is there a minimal/optimal subjective and also objective threshold of minimal satisfaction ?
If so, many upgrade chasing may seems like a dog chasing his tail....😁
I just live through one of this upgrading  event...
My system is very good, and when i tried to upgrade it , it was more a curiosity about the new amplifier than a real need...
But keep in mind that my system is 700 bucks for all components... My upgrade trying cost 1000 bucks...😁
Anyway i myself think that there is objective acoustic factors that define good sound, and when these factors are there on this threshold line , most upgrade are a change not always for the better  not an improvement...
Am i alone who live throught this ? am i alone to be satisfied by under 1000 bucks system, headphone and speakers dac and amplifier included ?😁
For sure i listen alone... Many had wife and friends listening with them... This implicate costlier system able to accomodate a room , not headphone or small speakers for one in an acoustic corner for one ...
Anyway am i alone in acoustic bliss with under 1000 bucks system ?

I never try to downgrade my system, but I am continuously looking for ways to improve it mainly by taking advantage of real technological advancements that always happen over time and that can deliver more for less.

"I would like to try it but my small speakers are self powered.... And i just discovered that active speakers will be my next move ."

Aren't powered speakers the same as active speakers? Am I missing something?

In the past few months I've sold off an incredibly good dac, an amazing phono stage, and now I'm without vinyl for the foreseeable future until I managed to find another really good photo stage when I have the money. Right now my system consists of- all used - aragnarok 2 integrated, and Oppo 105, a Gumby, and reference 3A decapo speakers. Witty until it's time as a beautiful VPI turntable with a Hana cartridge. Take away the last two components and you have used a system that sounds absolutely incredible for about 1500. So no, it's not $1,000 but it's pretty close and truthfully, take away the Gumby DAC and just use the oppos on board DAC, and you would have a system for about a thousand that sounds phenomenal. And yes, I've had systems that measure in the five figures total and truthfully this one sounds to my ears just as good.

I like so much my self powered small speakers that active speakers will be my next move...

Is it clearer?

english is not my first language then i apologize...😊

"I would like to try it but my small speakers are self powered.... And i just discovered that active speakers will be my next move ."

Aren’t powered speakers the same as active speakers? Am I missing something?

@mahgister ....

...for a moment I thought I'd fell into an alt universe AG....familiar posters, suddenly posting in ways, means, and mentalities that....make Perfect Sense.... 😏 *L*


...just teasing.... ;)

Of course one can have their audible cake and eat it up without a 3rd mortgage...

At the end of the day, you only need to please yourself, avoid the rollercoaster of major monies on 'sorta sota' as defined by others.

You spring the trap, get the gadget, later repeat the cycle for whatever reason, rationale, or just the 'can I make this Better?' 

Only to find you've only made it Different....good, bad, in the gray middle, or gone 'black' in both regards....the end product in sound or your new 'tude towards it.

My recent foray to the P.E. Speaker Design Contest was an 'illuminating' experience on certain levels...

- I've never really had the opportunity to 'hang' with a bevy of 'philes, esp. 2.5 days worth.... a 'treat' of many flavors', to be honest.

- Yes, we all love what we're up to....similarities, differences...no surprises there.

- That which what is loved, and shared?

- Not as different as one might think.  Different 'voices' towards the same end...

...just as much as us.  Oh, sure...some 'clunkers', a few 'stand-outs'...

But an amazing amount of Same; nuanced in many fractional fashions, but low $/high$/plain Jane'd/Finely Wrought....

Driven by the same kit, dB'd and level set....

The difference is the room and the ears heard by.

"If it makes you happy...."

Nothing else matters.


It's Friday.

Have a pleasant weekend, y'all.