Did Amir Change Your Mind About Anything?

It’s easy to make snide remarks like “yes- I do the opposite of what he says.”  And in some respects I agree, but if you do that, this is just going to be taken down. So I’m asking a serious question. Has ASR actually changed your opinion on anything?  For me, I would say 2 things. I am a conservatory-trained musician and I do trust my ears. But ASR has reminded me to double check my opinions on a piece of gear to make sure I’m not imagining improvements. Not to get into double blind testing, but just to keep in mind that the brain can be fooled and make doubly sure that I’m hearing what I think I’m hearing. The second is power conditioning. I went from an expensive box back to my wiremold and I really don’t think I can hear a difference. I think that now that I understand the engineering behind AC use in an audio component, I am not convinced that power conditioning affects the component output. I think. 
So please resist the urge to pile on. I think this could be a worthwhile discussion if that’s possible anymore. I hope it is. 


I do more listening tests in a month than audiophiles do in their entire lifetime. You know this to be a fact yet you keep repeating otherwise.

I have never, ever said anything of the sort. Ever. Not once. Not here or anywhere. So, Amir, please stop with the insults and fabricated arguments.

As to your claim that you listen to more in a month than audiophiles do in a lifetime: good luck trying to prove that.


It's been shown how your listening "tests" and your claims about them are more than a bit suspect. 

Nothing whatsoever has been "shown."  I grabbed the files as presented by creators of those tests, put them in foobar2000 abx plug in which is the gold standard for such tests, and i reported on the results. That a person is so incredulous as to a) claim impossibility and b) I must have cheated is just nonsense.

Once more, I have not only passed these tests, but show how.  I explain my qualifications in my abilities here (e.g. knowledge of what to look for and formal training to hear small impairments) in my video.

All you have to counter this is just a claim where the claimant can't even make a correct technical point. He thinks a digital scope with ADC resolution of 8 bits can tell two music files apart that are dynamically changing??  You might as well believe in alien abduction while you are it.



None of this was my question. My question which you did not answer, was what is the impact of this on fidelity of audio devices we use?”

Absolutely none.

There, your question is answered.

That you cannot recognize your own boorish, snobby elitism and the insulting implementation of such, is not surprising.

“I am here in a thread specifically addressing who and what we are at ASR. Lots of misinformation is posted by members that are easily refuted. So I refute. :)”
So you are here to advocate for your own website. I would call that advertising.

“I tolerate an inordinate amount of abusive snobbishness in this thread. Doesn’t bother me none as long as we get to the truth of who and what we are at ASR. ”

Really, I did not know that you had any measure of control whatsoever on this site to make any kind of decision on what you will or will not “tolerate” on a site you do not own. Just another example of your snobbish, elitist and entitled worldview.

So answer Amir, should we all “recalibrate” or “retrain” our sense of taste and switch to insect based protein, or vegan, because it objectively “measures” better and the technocrat class won’t tolerate anyone not following their “recommendations”?

Or should anyone disagreeing with you just be sent to a re-education camp, of your design, until they get “on-board” and stop disagreeing with you?

"This is selling us way too short.  No device is strictly evaluated based on measurements alone.  "


I understand that.  But what is the confidence level of measurements by audio product type.  On ASR there was such estimates.  What are they are now?

I know that you do not think that measurements alone can tell us how exactly a DAC or speaker will sound.   And that certain audio products are better defined by measurements than others.

I would just like to hear from you something like " DACs are 90% defined by measurements and speakers perhaps 50%.

You know some nuance, grey area and a little humility that maybe all these measurements are limited in what they can say about how a product will sound.  

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