Did anybody try a Boston Audio Mat1 on their VPI

Classic turntable? If so what were the results? I know VPI recommends no mat on their aluminum platters, but was curious if a mat would improve the sound.
I've had a VPI table (SSM with Rim Drive), and I have the Boston Mat l (and the mat ll) but have never used them together. I think the Boston graphite mats really augment vinyl playback though. Given the reasonable cost, I would say give it a try. Mat l vs. Mat ll is the question. If you're VTA is adjustable, both will work well. I like the Mat ll personally. It's just more substantial.
I tried it and it did nothing positive in my system. It's relatively thick so it messes with the clamp as well. If you haven't bought it yet, my advice would be to spend the money on records instead.
I have a Mat-1 that I no longer use. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to sell it.

Shakey, I would like to try the Mat-1 because my friend
Lewm ,while prefering the Mat-II, was also very positive about both.
You can post your proposal to (nikola et andric.com).