Did I damage my new amp

So, as posted elsewhere, I bought new Monitor Audio Gold 300 speakers which I am still waiting to receive. I was impressed by the Arcam SA30 during the audition so I brought one home to pair with the speakers whenever I get them. In the meantime I am using my 20 year old MA Silver S8’s

Being new to streaming it took some playing around before I figured everything out. But one big mistake was not understanding that the volume on my iPhone also effects the amp volume.

Long story short, I managed to crank the volume on the amp to 100% for a few seconds before I understood what was happening, and got it turned down. ( I found the max. volume setting after the fact)

Since then I find my speakers a bit distorted. Now, I don’t know if they sounded like that with the old amp. Am I just over analysing things, paying TOO much attention to details as it’s a new amp and I’m listening too hard for an improvement, or I damaged the speakers or the amp. It sounds fine with jazz but something more in the progressive rock style and it sounds distorted.

I would like to think that if the amp was in danger it would shut itself down before anything would get damaged. And it was really only a few seconds. I probably will not see my new speakers until next week so I can’t compare with anything and this is got me totally depressed thinking it’s the amp.

What do you all think?



I hope so. Even though they are the out going speakers I figured I could sell them for a bit of cash. That’s not going to happen now. But if that’s the case, better the speakers than a brand new amp.

See if you can see if it is one tweeter or both by ear. And reach out to Monitor Audio. It may be cost prohibitive to replace a tweeter(s) if it is still even possible, but at least you will have all the info. Maybe you can still get a few dollars out of it if a tweeter can be replaced.

You'll need to isolate what's damaged.  If the tweeters are damaged, check to see if the voice coil butterfly assembly is replaceable. Could be a simple, and not overly expensive fix if they are. If the woofers are damaged too, it’s gonna cost more for sure, but may still be replaceable.


Hopefully it is just a crossover component.  Pull the woofer and behind it you should find your crossovers.  A resistor or cap that failed catastrophicly like that will generally show heat damage and is easy to identify and easier to repalce than a driver.