Did I screw up??? C2700 vs c49

How much better is the c2700 over the c49? Will be running two mc611s. And is the tube preamplifier reliable? I can still return the C49 just bought brand new and never powered up yet. Running B&W 801N

Thanks Matt


That was quick. I have heard both the 2700 and C49. I thought both systems sounded pretty good. With the B&W the tubs probably help smooth out the highs a touch. 

@skydog25 How do you like your RS130? I was looking at the 150 but want to stay with separates and just saw earlier today that Rose has the 130 transport. Looks really nice. My other thought was an AURALiC Aries.

Hello I am still waiting for the Rose 130 to show up, I Will let you know when it does.

Thanks Matt