Did I smoke my centre channel..??

I was listening to my favourite concert dvd,Stevie Ray Vaughan,and noticed a electrical smell coming from the C.C.
I immediately turned it down,well not immediately I had to put my double rum and coke down first,which is probable why it smoked in the first place.
Tried it again and still same smell.
I am suspecting that I over heated the voice coils or the glue used to wrap the coils.
Took it down to the local "repair shop" and it got a "nothing wrong rating".
Is it possible that even though it was overheated that there is nothing wrong..??

I am suspecting it may sound OK now but its life is very short and it probable would be a good idea to replace entire speaker now.

Please what are your thoughts...???
Sounds like you were smoking something. Could be the CC channel of your amp. Hook the speaker up to one of the front channels and play it. If it sounds Okay, hook one of your front channel speakers to the CC out and see if it works fine. If not, it's the amp.
speakers dont smell when you blow them did you hear distortion or did the rum and coke impead your ability.the worst ive ever seen a speaker blow was theil and the voice coil wires blew threw the cones.if you smelt smoke it was something else in your system and amp i assume
It definitely is the speaker.
The smell followed me to the repair shop where the guy even commented "smells like you did some damage".The speaker was just sitting on the counter not even hooked up.

I suspected the amp first but replaced the CC with a spare and everything works and smell OK.

I was told that when voice coils go from "over driving" heat is the culprit and glues,insulation etc can give off a odor.
Again this all puzzles me.
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If there's some way you can check to see if your CC amp is putting out significant DC current, this could result in overheating after a longish listening session. It would eventually result in smoke and smell, but still sound OK with a short listen on another speaker. I would take the amp in to repair if there is significant DC current. Good luck.
I agree with Viridian, burning voicecoils have a (dis- Stink) smell. If you turned it down in a timely manner there will be minamal damage. If it was the amp it would not be playing at all now.
From now on YOUNG MAN when drinking and listening to Stevie Ray Vaugh, Turn the input level down on the center channel;)