Did you notice....

That even great quality streamer streaming great hi-rez digital format cannot outperform cheap CD-player playing red-book CD or it's only my 'illusion'?


I have vintage Carver Tl3300 CD-player with 1-bit DAC (got one from estate sales), I don't think that this CD-player is of any value, but it brings great sound and music.

I have Tidal streamer and tidal service, but quickly realized that I'm not getting satisfaction as I would get from my Carver player.

I tried Benchmark streamer, but decided to return it for small restocking fee instead of keeping it.

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A great quality streamer can outperform a cheap cd player.  There are some noise problems with streaming that need to be sorted out, which you can do on your own now.  I think that the noise filtering will eventually be addressed by the makers of streamers, but if you prefer CD, there's nothing wrong with that.

I don't consider neither Tidal or Benchmark as a cheap streamers at all, but if I have to spend a lot more to outperform CD, then it's extremely safe to assume that CD does sound better and in many cases a lot better. 

I'm sure some of you guys have good streaming systems but it's hard to do better than the original format.