Did you notice....

That even great quality streamer streaming great hi-rez digital format cannot outperform cheap CD-player playing red-book CD or it's only my 'illusion'?


This is not a rhetorical question:

Is format-switching or ad hoc oversampling ever a good thing? 


(I honestly don't know) 



My CD transport is much more expensive than my streamer/player - Innuos Zen Mark III - and I get more detail, air and a wider soundstage playing Roon on the Zen than with most CD’s.

Many/ most streamed tracks are re-engineered for streaming so it’s tough to tell if you’re actually listening to the same recording.

The details of cleaning up the Ethernet signal are VERY important.  Adding the Uptone Audio switch just before the dedicated server and double shielded Ethernet cables took my system to a much higher level.

I can't hear a difference between the CD data coming from my Oppo UDP-203 and the same track ripped from the disc playing through a streamer connected to the same DAC.


The only problem when comparing with tracks from a music service like Qobuz is that you can't be sure if the music truly is the same as what's on the CD.


Intrigued by the Uptown Audio switch but turned off by how hot it runs. Can't be good for long term. How long have you had it? Your thoughts?


It does run hot, but it’s only an issue if you’re plugging or unplugging cables, which seldom happens.

 I have had it for about 18 months.  Couldn’t be more pleased.

I used to have Gryphon class A monoblocks which ran much hotter for 25 years with no problems.

At least streaming Qobuz through Roon, I’ve got the best SQ I have ever heard anywhere.

I have extremely good speakers and amp but not in the uber-out-of-sight range.