Did you notice....

That even great quality streamer streaming great hi-rez digital format cannot outperform cheap CD-player playing red-book CD or it's only my 'illusion'?


Thanks Doug. Fellow Texan I see. Some beautiful hand made equipment in your system. I'm around Austin.

Digital audio is like trying to draw a circle with an Etch-A-Sketch.

But, we’ve been practicing a long time, and we’re getting pretty good at it.

I happened to visit a large headphone store (I was wondering what favorites had appeared lately) ... I couldn't listen to anything - all the amplifiers were digital - Class D ... (only the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 90 was missing under the crystal display case) ... Vendors they try to use mobile phones as a source - it’s more convenient for them ... Well, it’s logical to expect that a cyborg will come to this store to buy)))

Sergio: What class D amplifiers were being used?  With my NAD33 (including full Dirac Live room correction),  Monitor Audio Gold 100 bookshelfs, and SVS subwoofer, I have found my sound quality clearly better than my friend’s slightly less expensive CD setup without room correction.  Clearly not an exhaustive comparison, but dollar for dollar it’s certainly better, and without having to purchase any CDs, less expensive in the long run.