difference beetwen pc audio and hi-end?

If somebody could write about difference between pc audio sound and for example dcs scarlatti,accuphase or emm labs. If for example dcs has 10 level (the best?) so when somebody who knows this (dcs) sound set pc audio (for example:realtek configuration audio HD)what number give this pc sound?, 3? 4?
I know that this very difficult. But if someone can set pc audio to compare a little with hi-end myabe write here . And if someone (like me) never heard dcs what can he hear the difference. If this difference will large,very large or very very large.Sory for my English. I come from Poland (Ancient Audio).
Thank You
In many tests in Poland dcs is the best. Is this really truth? It must be very very good system, but for example there are even more expensive systems.
well, even my Marantz CD7 sounds better them any computer audio I had/have.....
dcs makes excellent gear but not everyone thinks that it is the best. There is also not one level of quality for computer based systems. Some probably sound 10 or maybe even 11 and some probably sounds 2 or 3.

Some people like to rip their cds to a computer so that they can browse their music collection and make up playlists. This is nice, but I think I would rather save my money until easier to use and cheaper servers are available, and more high resolution music downloads are available.

Computer based systems can play internet radio, which is good for the variety of music available for free, but the sound quality of the webcasts is usually not the best.

I hope this is some help. If you tell us about your system and your music collection I think we can offer better advice about how to improve it.

Many of us are getting excellent results with computer audio. Like everything it is all in the implementation; properly set up computer, good software, good cables, and a good DAC.

Higher resolution downloads are becoming more common up to 24 bit 192KHz.

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