Difference between Bluesound Node 2i and Cambridge CXN v2

Looking at both of these units and I know there is a $500 difference but can anyone tell me the differences between them and which might be better? It seems as the CXN uses dual DACS and has balanced outs. It might actually sound better but any help would be appreciated.
Thanks everyone, So I presently just use an Audioengine D2 wireless out of my MacBook and connect via Audioquest Cinnamon Toslink into my Krell Digital Vanguard.
While the quality is okay I wondered what would be a better solution to playing back my digital files. I purchased the CXN and still have it new in the box but someone mentioned the Bluesound to me as a competitive solution. Those of you using the CXN, do you connect to your LAN and then connect to your MACBook via usb or upload all your music onto a LACie HD and plug in that way. I do add music to my itunes (3000+ songs) and wondered also about if Audirvana makes a difference?
audirvana does make a difference. you get some phase and time alignment voodoo as well as some system optimization benefits. i have mentioned before, i had an all JBL LSR 3XX system with subwoofer and I could not get the pacing nor timing right until I added Audirvana... that was the missing link. And it sounds great.
iTunes ( my Windows computer) rips my CD’s  directly to my NAS Ethernet drives. All my music servers play it from the NAS drive over Ethernet. I use a dedicated Roon Rock server for my Roon to PS Audio DAC endpoint. Use Tidal either directly to CA servers or along Qobuz via Roon to PS Audio. Use Airplay for Qobuz to CA servers.
Find a used Ayre Codex Dac. It outperforms the Dac in my Cambridge 851C cd player.
From above post on 6/2 by adg101:
 If you decide on the CXN, spend a little extra to upgrade the power cord.

I'm bit of a newbie to audiophile gear, tho I've had NAD equipment for 20 years.  I just got a Node 2i and was surfing and seeing comments about SQ improvements achieved with after-market power cables - well, being a bit of a skeptic I found this a bit hard to swallow - who can clarify this power cable business for me?