Difference between non and factory terminated

If someone gave you a good factory terminated power cable, and someone else gave you the same cable, but they terminated it at both ends themselves (let's suppose they done a reasonable job), could you hear the difference? How much, if any, difference does factory termination make?
I think there's no doubt that isolation devices and cables make a difference in most cases - sometimes not a lot of difference and sometimes a lot of difference. But is that change always for the better, or is it a change for the sake of change? It would seem that the more money involved, the more the chance that it will be a change for the sake of change.

"Mwilson" - What you said earlier about the resale value of a home terminated cable not having a good resale value...you're right for sure. The thing is, the longer you use it, the less that factor will come into play.
Very true about the diminishing difference in value with age - that curve can be pretty steep, at some point you're not exactly hurting anything by doing what you please with it.

Didactically, there are differing views of audio nirvana, and no single one is correct for everyone. The capitalists you are so satisfied to have eluded may not represent the same specter to others. I find it hard to will away the differences between cables because I don't want them to be there out of financial self-interest (or for some, an intellectual desire to debunk the idea that there are performance differences.)

I live by the rule that what I purchase should be in line with what I am willing to spend for the improvement in sound it brings. If it underachieves, I get rid of it. If it overachieves, I consider it a bargain on my personal scale. To some, bare copper wire at a few cents a foot and its performance profile define this price/performance ratio. For others, it may be a $200/m pair of interconnects made by a hi-fi brand. For some, $1000 or more a meter seems a fair price. It's all in what you hear, and what you're comfortable spending.

To say that one hears the difference between cables because they want to seems equivalent to saying one doesn't hear the difference because they don't want to. Is it all psychological then? There are electrical differences that are measurable, why would there not be performance differences? I think that one's been discussed a few times before, as well : )
Mwilson... I never said there was no difference. Contrare. My argument is that the 'difference' will not lead to realsim, or 'live' like playback. That it is only useful in achieving some subjective sonic quality or other in the system.

To what end though? To mask the reality that is recorded on the source material? Why? Why not rahter be selective in obtaining well produced, and engineered recordings that are 'true to the original' on purpose. Then enjoy the music as 'live' like as possible, and hear what the musicians intended.

If you mask the realities of the source material you will achieve a sameness of what is played back, but never realism.

Better to use reference earphones to listen to the source, then compare to what you hear through your system in the room. It can be discouraging, but like Dr Phil says, 'you cannot change what you not acknowledge'.

BTW the notion of 'relativism' is an offense to the notion of 'truth'. But take your pick. To each his own, I guess.

That is my position, and I am sticking to it.

So not only are you shilling for Linkwitz, but for Dr. Phil also? If you are so convinced that you carry the absolute truth about audio, then why possibly did you join a community whose fundamental belief is that there aren't any absolute truths in audio? What is your objective here? Are you just wanting to type a little? Have your voice be heard? Convert others? I frankly don't understand why you would choose to join a community that is diametrically opposed to your core beliefs.
And I for one have no clue why you cannot seem to stay on track. You have not responded directly to any question posed, other than use the forum as a platform for your personal truths.
So stick to your position. Why not just stick it elsewhere, in a place that you might find more willing apostles?
Very odd, indeed.
Evita - Now that we've managed to drag you into our jail cell, do you have any thoughts on the original question posed? There seems to be a vague agreement amongst us that there's neglible difference between factory terminated and non-factory terminated cables, although we're all looking at it from different angles..... and it seems that Maury Povich, like Dr. Phil says, cannot change what he cannot acknowledge. Maybe that's why his show is still on the air.