Difference between Plinius Sa-100mklll and Sa-102?

Hey guys hoping you can tell me if I would notice a big difference audibly between these two amps. I have totem model ones and my room size is around 12 x 15. Another question i have is would even more power (sa201) benifit me or will the 100watts from the sa100 be more power than my last amp (150 watt intergrad classe) Thanks
I was a long time owner of the SA100 mkIII and sometimes wish that I would have hung on to it. The only difference in operation is that the 102 when run in Class A automatically reverts back to Class A/B after a set length of time without a signal. Personally I never heard the 102.
Macd, the older SA-100 mk III is slightly warmer than the SA-102. The SA-102 is slightly more revealing than the 100 mk III. Sonically they are closer to each other than your Classe integrated. Also, each will provide more power than you Classe integrated. Ignore the 'power ratings', the Plinius have MUCH larger power supplies, which will provide more dynamic swing come the transient swings.

Bottom line: All power ratings are NOT created equal.

fwiw the SA 100MKIII, after 4 hours of warm up, sounds amazing. It is liquid with a golden tone