Differences between Harbeth, Spendor, Graham, etc. ?

This is perhaps a foolish question, given the subjective nature of this hobby, but is there any consensus regarding differences between the above brands? I’m interested in their "traditional" or "vintage" lines, not the more modern-voiced models.

For example, I’ve read that the Spendor Classic series speakers are, overall, warmer/darker than Harbeths and offer a bit more punch in the bass. If this is true, I would lean toward the former.













Apologies to the OP if this post takes the thread astray, but I am in a similar situation.  Currently have Spendor SP3/5r2 in a small room,  running them with a modded Gan1.   I will be setting up a slightly larger room tthis summer and want to stay with the British sound.  Thinking perhaps of Harbeth 30.something or C7es3.  At Axpona one room was using some Spendor Classics (I don't remember which).  That was a sweet sound.  Unfortunately the Spendor Classics are quite pricey in comparison to the Harbeths. 

By the way,  the OP may want to give a listen to some of the Gan amps with these speakers.  In my limited experience (Gan1 and Spendor SP3/5r2) I would describe the sound as effortless, non-fatiguing detail.  Insightful, perhaps understated, but very pleasing.  It draws one in such that I am reluctant to end a listening session.  I haven't tested this, but I suspect that the nature of the Gan amps is to enhance the sound signature of such speakers.  Just my 2 cents.  Best of luck.

"as I suspected. I’d prefer to stick with SS."

@stuartk FYI: Alan Shaw the owner and designer of Harbeth uses Hegel solid state at many of the HIFI shows. BTW, my friend runs solid state with his Harbeth M30s. Good luck with your search!


FWIT, I've had sound in my room that's run the gamut from euphonically warm with mushy bass to "skeletal" (or however one describes the opposite of "well fleshed out") with well defined bass and piercing highs. 


Thanks for sharing your experience with the Spendor 4/5's. Good to know. What size is your room? 


Thanks for your comments. 




I have a Hegel H390 and Hegel shows with Harbeth, as @yogiboyaccurately states.