Differences in newer Meadowlark speakers

I recently had to sell my Dunlavy 4a's and was looking at the Meadowlark line. Inquiring on the original Blue Heron's, a dealer said that they were a bit more musical than the Dunlavys but not quite as dynamic. I have never heard any Meadowlark speakers and will probably never get an audition but I do like the design philosophy and thought I might gain some insight here. I was curious If anyone had any experience auditioning the older Heron-i or Blue Herons vs the newer Nighthawk or Blue Heron 2.
I am seeing Blue Heron 2's on Audiogon for $4000 shipped, in 9 of 10 condition. What a deal! The drivers are worth that alone. And the cabinetry is like nothing else out there.
These were $6k used plus shipping a few months ago. Interest has cooled due to Meadowlark being out of business. Too bad! That fact does not make my 4 month old demo pair sound any worse! They are working quite nicely with Shanling SP80 50 wpc tube monoblocks. Silent Audio Apollo A's added a lot for interconnects, and I am enjoying the Anti cable speaker cables in the synergy!
Chris read also under title "Questions About Meadowlark Speakers". There I cover very basically, the recent events at Meadowlark. With regards to the Nighthawk and Blue Heron II's, you can probably get yourself an excellent deal on them..., and they are worth every penny. Extremely well designed, top-of-the-line drivers (like the same drivers used by Wilson and Sonus Faber), excellent cabinetry, and above all, their superb sound stage performance... for considerable less investment dollars than others that are priced twice as much. But again Chris, all the depends on your room acoustics.