Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.

What music streaming service do most members use, and why?


Amazon HD and Idagio.  Amazon HD because it’s lossless,  has a huge library,  much of it in Ultra HD,  and unlike some others that have posted I think the interface is logical and intuitive.  Idagio because it has the best library of classical music.  However,  your choices may well be limited by which services the OS of your streamer supports. 

I use Spotify Premium for quite a bit of my streaming. Even though it’s lossy and here are the reasons why. Ease of use, I can have my entire family on 1 account with different profiles so everyone can listen to what they want for $16/month across the multiple devices used from my phone, to the kids’ ipads, to my desktop, driving in the car and multi-room streaming at home over ethernet.

Because I have premium all of my wi-fi streaming is at 320Kbps. Lossy for sure but for casual listening at home and in the car or travelling, I’m not stressing over lossless. The vast catalog of music from obscure stuff to local bands and everything in between that Qboz and Tidal don’t carry or won’t carry.

I use Spotify to find new music and then I buy that artist on either vinyl, CD or FLAC files for the home library. I also stream the several channels Radio Paradise has, which are lossless and use that as a new music source.

I’ve tried Amazon HD but I don’t care for the interface. Again...Spotify works with my audio ecosystem and casual listening needs. For purposeful and dedicated listening sessions it’s vinyl, CDs, or FLAC, and/or RP and Spotify.

Qobuz.  Tidal doesn't interest me, and I want nothing to do with Apple.  In the car I listen to the free AccuRadio app.