Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3

@jaymark and @charles1dad are owners of the Project PS2 Transport and loving it.  I am between the Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 and the Project.   However, did anyone compare the NEW 2019 Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 rather than the prior model Mk2?  Steve Guttenberg reviewed them both and found significant improvement in the Mk3 version sonically.   How close are they now as the Jay's is $2500 and the Project with LTA power is closer to $4,000 (with taxes)?   



I have the 6000CDT and have been quite impressed with it. I read the review that was linked and I'm not sure I would give the detailed accolades he did(I lack the audio vocabulary for sure😏)but my experience has been very good. As the reviewer pointed out, upgrades are one new DAC away. I have it paired with the Schiit Gungnir MB and the internal DAC of my P6. I can toggle between both DACs for a decent A-B comparison. In addition to sound quality, the physical construction appears to be very good. It feels solid,the buttons feel solid, the internal relays are quiet but still audible with each input selection. No regrets.

I wonder how either of these transports would compare to my CEC TL 1? I have had it serviced and it still works great. AES/EBU Kimber Orchid to my Dinafrips Pontus II DAC. I plan to run it into a Hermes DDC and I2S to the Venus so I can also clean up the clock on my streamer before the Venus.

I went from a Marantz 2K = sacd player to the CEC TL5 Belt drive cd transport an the clarity and soundstage improved dramatically ...almost like I upgraded every component in my system.. Belles...Tekton Pendragon (7 speaker tweeter aray)..Schiit....U- turn audio...Lounge Phono ....just avoid Tokyo _ Center for your purchase....I'm using it with the Denafrips Ares2 which I also highly recommend. Was going to get some CW4's but that's on hold...My system sounds fantastic. I spent alot more time now going thru cd's and albums that I have played in years...I love rediscovering "new" music and extracting info I never knew existed. I make lousy recordings Enjoyable !

I have neither transport but had considered both models plus the PS Audio model (which is 6.5K!). In the end could not justify the cost.

I did purchase the Audiolab CDT6000 to connect to an internal DAC on my pre-amp. It substituted for my Marantz C6006 and I can testify the results were amazing hearing my CDs. The Audiolab is limited to red-book CDs though. I have no SACDs.

A salesman in Maryland did state the Pro-ject had a history of failures out of the box but not sure that is accurate.. You will not regret upgrading to a dedicated transport to enhance your CD playback.