Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3

@jaymark and @charles1dad are owners of the Project PS2 Transport and loving it.  I am between the Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 and the Project.   However, did anyone compare the NEW 2019 Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 rather than the prior model Mk2?  Steve Guttenberg reviewed them both and found significant improvement in the Mk3 version sonically.   How close are they now as the Jay's is $2500 and the Project with LTA power is closer to $4,000 (with taxes)?   


The project is levels about the old CEC TL1and the CEC TL5.  It was not even close.  That being said, we also use a reference DAC in our system.  Happy Listening.

Cheap DVD player - you have us peeing in our pants we were laughing so hard!

Happy Listening. 



A cheap DVD player sounds exactly like a cheap DVD player.

For many listeners this is true.  Apparently not so for jasonbourne52 via his audio system. 



A CD transport and good DAC can change the sound of your system like changing your speakers. The sound difference is dramatic between the different DACs and Transports. The Project it seems has quality issues . It's all over the forums. Sounds great when it's working correctly. The people knocking the CEC TL5 haven't ever heard one. They're made in Japan...High quality...built like a tank ..and their "belt drive" system cuts vibration and is the most Holographic and musical presentation you can get under $3,000.

For many listeners this is true.  Apparently not so for jasonbourne52 via his audio system. 



Yeah, I'd really like to hear that "system"...

I not aware of ongoing quality issues with the Pro-Ject RS2 transport. I know there’s been a mention by one user that the transport did not read the final tracks of a specific CD. A few reports of a noisy spinning disc, I've had neither.   Any component can have a problem here or there and this includes the Pro-Ject. Overall the feedback from owners is very positive regarding sound quality and trouble free use day to day.

CEC is definitely a good sounding transport (Particularly their upper models) and has an excellent track record of reliability. On the numerous Pro-Ject threads listeners familiar with the CEC have compared it to the Pro-Ject RS2 transport and preferred the latter. We all recognize that these listening impressions are subjective and formed by various individual factors.

Certainly their is room for both and other high quality CD transports in the High End audio marketplace. So to each their own. I can report 2 observations as an owner of the Pro-Ject.

It sounds fantastic and thus far I’ve had no functional or operational problems.