Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb

I’m not technically inclined… and I’m confused.  I’m now using an Innuous Zenith 3, a PS Audio directstream 2, a matrix spdif and an Innuous Phoenix usb.  Now I’m tempted by the Innuous Phoenix net and/or by the new Ps Audio airlens.  But I don’t totally understand what all these add ons do or where they would go in my system.  I just know that I’m on a never ending search for the best sound, probably like everyone here .  I’m willing to add either (or both) devices and also to remove things I’m now using.  I realize that adding too many accessories probably can over complicate things and multiple connections probably can degrade the sound.  I welcome any advice!

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@brownsf Assuming the config looks like this: Zenith --> USB --> PhoenixUSB --> Matrix Converter --> spdif --> PS Audio DS, the Matrix spdif converter would negate the need for the PhoenixUSB.

Are you using Roon or the Innuos Sense app to play your local files and stream from services like Tidal and Qobuz?

The AirLens is a streamer (PS Audio also says it reduces, noise, jitter and provide galvanic isolation), so if you’re using Roon your new chain would look like this: Zenith --> Ethernet --> AirLens --> i2S or spdif  --> PS Audio DS. In this configuration you eliminate USB output entirely from the chain.

The PhoenixNET is a network switch that’s supposed to eliminate noise and enhance clocking.

In your chain it could go before the Zenith.

I have PS Audio MKII DAC as well.  I would say zenith 3 you have with the add ons you don’t need the matrix any more. Just usb to DAC. The MKII has a great usb input. The Airlens prob won’t yield any improvement. I would stick with what you got.  I am trying out the Airlens vs the new eversolo.  Not seeing a big improvement.  Still need time with it. 

I have the PS Audio DAC Mk 2. It does not have an Ethernet connection. The AirLens connects a hard-wired Ethernet connection to the DAC using an I2S connection.  Better than any USB connection.  It allows me access to Tidal.