Digital Cable Help

I am thinking of adding a DAC, probably the Benchmark, to my system. I have a modifeid Sony 9000es CD/SACD player. I have never owned a DAC before and am totally ignorant about digital cables, the differences between them and which one would be best suited for my use. Any suggestions will be most apprecaited.

I also assume if I switch from SACD to CD playback with the Benchmark that I'll have to switch my analogue interconnect cables from the Sony to the Benchmark (unless I purchase another set) interconnects cables.

You might want to list the rest of your system. Do you use a separate pre-amp and amp or an integrated amp? Does it allow more that one soure, i.e. does it have multiple RCA inputs.

If your system allows more than one input, you will not have to switch cables. You will simply run one set of interconnect cables from the L&R analog outputs of the Sony, to any line level input on the pre-amp/integrated. Then you would run another set of RCA inteconnects from the DAC to the pre-amp/integrated. Simply select the correct input based on SACD or redbook CD playback.

I don't really have a recommedation for a digital cable. I've used a couple of different quality 75 ohm cables and didn't compare them for differences.


find a tara lab air that is in your budget,also pulsar is a great cable,and vh audio is on here so check it out
If you're on a budget, I second the stereovox cable, it's the best at it's price. I wasn't so impressed with the VH audio Pulsar, I found it to have a flat presentation. I absolutely love the Audioquest Eagle Eye.