Digital crossovers?

I recently read a little about digital crossovers on the Newform website. Are they readily available? Are they reasonably priced? Can they be used to replace the X-overs in a processor or a subwoofer. Are they better than what is currently in most speakers? Did I forget anything?
Behringer is around $400. Yes, it is available. Clarity is around $3,000. Have not heard. Only two I know of. I own Behringer. Have owned several electronic xovers over many years. This is the best one I've ever heard - VERY transparent. Don't know it's in system to my ears. Would highly recommend. Not sure what you mean by "can they be used to replace ....." Yes, they are better than what is in all speakers except perhaps the electronic ones built into some speakers.
Dawg, I have two way speakers and a sub, do I need two for the speakers ($400x2) and one for the sub? Are they installed internally, if so did you install them? Does Behringer have a website?
The Behringer and others are external crossovers that go between your preamp and your power amp. Their website is, oddly enough,

However, it is not as easy as simply ripping out your current crossovers. You need to know what crossover points, slopes, delays etc to program into the digital crossover. Unless you can get them from the manufacturer, you will have to measure them yourself, which is not a trivial matter.

The Newform case is different because they program in the information for you.

I use a digital crossover and it is great, but you have know what you are doing.