Digital is far better than vinyl

I have invested a decent sum of money into my digital setup, including a decent streamer (Innuos Zenith MK3), a very good dac (Denafrips Terminator 2), Eno filter, and good cabling. But after being told by many here that vinyl is vastly superior to digital, I thought let’s build an analog system and see what all the fuss is about. So this is what I did ...

I picked up an Audio Technica TT from Amazon for around $299. I then used one of the older integrated amps with a built-in phono, which I believe I paid around $500 a few years ago. And, finally, just to even out the playing field I bought the cheapest possible cables from alibaba. Since I didn’t have extra rack space to put the TT on, I got a couple of bricks and built a DIY platform for it.

So after listening to the analog setup for a few days, I can proclaim without a shadow of doubt that digital is far, far superior than vinyl on any given day, and twice a day on Sunday.

What has been your experience? And please, don’t mention your gear or any special. cartridges, isolation, etc. Not interested in your system details. I just want to make sure you guys understand that digital is far, far superior than vinyl.


Over the years there has been a fundamental misconception regarding the quality of digital recordings over analog recordings. ... 90% of the LPs published in the early 1980s where produced from a digital master, so they cannot sound any better than a CD.

You are mistaken. A CD is limited to 20 kHz FR, and the circuit and filters used to ensure that are not necessarily transparent. On the other hand, an LP can easily sail above 20 kHz. So yes, a digital recording can sometimes sound better on LP that CD, and I've explained only one reason why that can be so.

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"You say tomato, I say to-mah-to" most people addicted to this hobby or affliction, I listen to both formats, with CDs being the dominant format, simply due to having more of them than records (plus the convenience factor). Being of a fairly advanced age - I retired two years ago - my hearing is not as perceptive as it once was, so I am not as critical on either format as others might be. I do still find vinyl to be more 'organic/holistic' in many just sounds more 'right' to me. I think we can all agree that whichever format we prefer, it is great to have access to all of the music that has been produced over the last 55 years, or thereabouts.

I get these Weekly Recaps in my email every Friday.  I don't contribute much to the forum but read it quite a bit for some of the good to great info that can be found here.

I don't think I made it through the entire OP before I realized it was satire.   

What amazed me is how many didn't.

I still enjoy my records and as a rule think it sounds better than my digital system.  

I realize my digital system isn't the greatest but neither is my analog system which consists of a Technics SL1200 GR, Ortofon Rondo MC and Mobile Fidelity Studio Phono Pre. 

The digital end is a Bluesound 2i into an RME ADI-2 DAC.  I'm curious to see how much more I have to spend to get the digital to sound as good as the analog system. Yes, I realize I could get a better streamer and better DAC with better cabling.  I'm also using CAT8 cable directly to the streamer.  Can't remember off hand what digital coax I'm using from streamer to dac but it wasn't the cheapest nor very expensive.   I enjoy it for what it does and have come across a lot of new music (to me) using my Tidal subscription.  I'm going to trial Quobuz to see which I prefer.  I'm using the RME which doesn't do MQA.  So, MQA is not a must.  

The sound is overall good.  Just not up to par with my analog system which as you can see is pretty much on par with the digital sys as far as $$$ goes.  Maybe a little more or less. 


We all do respect,your comments about digital is far a good sound than Lp,but it’s your opinion i respect that,the audiophiles opinion matters i think your comments is very selfishness and arrogant,pleased don’t misunderstand me but my ear the audiophile ear your ear dictated a different way’s,digital format is continuing sound dynamic vs analog is warm wide sound i think it’s time to you re evaluated your thougs and let the people sent opinions in the right way,but your opinion matters and thanks for your input about digital sound.