Digital pitch & time shifting of DVD-A & SACD

I am hoping to find a separate high-end DAC and a universal transport to help me do the following: I realize that my plans are bound to be ruined by copy protection, but I want to be able to apply pitch and time shifting to DVD-A and SACD albums-but to do so purely in the digital domain, just prior to final listening. To that I have to have the data from these discs loaded on my pc's hard drive. To do this, I'd have to find (a hopefully not too expensive) universal player or transport to feed the PCM or DSD signal to a DAC. The DAC would need to have a firewire, SPDIF, AES or other stereo digital output to send the signal of the stereo 24 bit PCM version of the DVD-A album tracks (or a downmixed version of the surround sound version) to my pc's hard drive (via an interface like RME's 9652 card). In the case of SACD, the DAC would first have to convert the 1-bit DSD signal to 24 bit/192kHz (or at least 96kHz) and downmix it to stereo so it could then be fed to my hard drive. Once saved on my pc as a 24-bit wav file, I can then use pitch and time shifting plug-ins like WAVES Soundshifter to make my tweaks. Then I can save the changes, use my Soundshifter's host application (ie. Sonar 5 for Windows XP) as a CD transport and send the modified wav file out to the DAC for playback. Is there any hardware that can help me do this?
As far as I know there are no SACD or DVD-A players that will output the hi-res digital. Why? Copy protection. No digital output = no digital copies.